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Deezer plans ‘silent’ gigs

By | Published on Wednesday 10 April 2013

Deezer Bandwagon

I love live music. The way the music surrounds you and shudders through your body, with the band right there, creating a bond where the enjoyment of you, the band and the rest of the audience is all directly, invisibly linked. It’s a unique experience that can’t be replicated; when all of these elements combine perfectly, it’s by far the most exciting and exhilarating musical experience you can have.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at Deezer’s new promotional initiative – the Deezer Bandwagon Tour – a series of ‘silent’ gigs to take place around the country later this month. Four acts – Little Boots, Dog Is Dead, The Ramona Flowers and Fridge Magnets – will play in a soundproof box, with the audience only able to hear them if they put on a pair of special headphones. It’ll be just like listening to a live album at home, except the band will be there, you’ll have to queue up to buy expensive beer and the toilets will stink.

Or, as Deezer MD Mark Foster puts it: “The Deezer Bandwagon is a natural development of Deezer’s editorial approach and a fantastic celebration of our free, ad-supported service. The Deezer Bandwagon Tour is about bringing digital music to a mainstream audience and driving discovery through innovative technology with a fun and engaging live experience”.

I’m not exactly sure how it’s any of those things, but that’s what he said. Should you wish to go to any of the gigs, you can enter a competition to win tickets here.

And here are the dates – all venues tba:

15 Apr: Glasgow – Fridge Magnets
16 Apr: Manchester – The Ramona Flowers
17 Apr: Birmingham – Dog Is Dead
18 Apr: London – Little Boots