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Deezer targets stream-rippers with GitHub takedown

By | Published on Wednesday 27 December 2017


With stream-ripping having risen to the top of the music industry’s piracy gripe list of late, Deezer is busy battling with apps that operate under bastardised versions of its name and which allow you to grab permanent downloads of tracks, albums and entire playlists off the streaming service’s platform.

And according to Torrentfreak, to that end the digital firm recently issued a takedown notice against developer platform GitHub, complaining that a number of projects listed on the site featured tools that enable people to illegally download music from its servers.

Deezer’s takedown request listed specific projects that “make available a hacked version of our Deezer application or a method to unlawfully download the music catalogue of Deezer, in total violation of our rights and of the rights of our music licensors”.

It then requested that Github “immediately take down the projects corresponding to the URLs below”. GitHub promptly complied, seemingly removing listings on its site for tools like Deezloader, DeezerDownload, Deeze, Deezerio, Deezit and Deedown.

It’s not the first time Deezer has issued takedowns in a bid to restrict access to tools of this kind, some of which can also pull music off Spotify.

Usually that means targeting forums and such like which generally comply with takedown requests, though deleting links to the stream-ripping tools from those sites doesn’t stop said tools from being distributed elsewhere.

Which means Deezer, and the music industry at large, will continue to battle the stream-rippers in 2018. Though is stream-ripping actually the really piracy problem of the moment? Premium CMU subscribers can check out this CMU Trends article – ‘Online music piracy – past, present and future’ – to find out.