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Deftones frontman talks new album

By | Published on Thursday 12 March 2015


Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has spoken to Rolling Stone about the band’s new album, which is due for release later this year.

“The songs are amazing, and we wrote them in a really cool way”, he said. “We had all of us in a room together with one person expressing an idea and another person jumping on it. The songs are really built as a collective. We have five guys who have almost completely different takes on music, so when it works, it works great”.

He added: “I think it’s a little more of a heady record. I feel like we’ve gone into the songs and really dissected them. If something sounded a little straight, we took a left turn and made things a little screwy. We just tried something completely opposite, not to sabotage it, but to challenge ourselves and try new things that we haven’t done in the past”.

The band’s last album, ‘Koi No Yokan’, was released in 2012.

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