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Deftones to launch ale with Belching Beaver Brewery

By | Published on Friday 30 September 2016


Deftones have teamed up with the Belching Beaver Brewery in San Diego to create their own brand of beer, like all the bands do now.

Belching Beaver though. I really want to try a beer made by Deftones. But the brewery is called Belching Beaver. Even by ale standards, that’s an off putting name, isn’t it? Belching Beaver. “Hey guys! Come drink our beer – it tastes like a beaver belching straight into your mouth!” You might as well call it Farting Racoon.

OK, I think I’ve put us all off drinking any sort of beer ever again, but the fact remains that Deftones have brewed an ale with Sneezing Badger, or whatever it’s called. It contains the following hops: mosaic, amarillo, simcoe and citra. All of them were hand selected by Deftones frontman Chino Moreno. Not sure what the rest of the band were up to while he was doing that. Stirring it with a drumstick, maybe.

The ale itself is called Phantom Bride IPA. Possibly because it will haunt you afterwards and make your vision look like you’re seeing the world from behind a vale. Who can say? We’re never going to try it, cos of that whole association with vomiting wildlife, or whatever.

Despite this, Moreno has tried to put a positive spin on the whole affair by saying: “Really excited to see our Phantom Bride IPA hit the shelves. As a huge beer connoisseur it was a privilege collaborating with Belching Beaver on the flavour profiles and coming out with a beer that I would put right up with any of my favourites. Good stuff!”

Nope. Well, if you fancy sampling the feeling of having an unwell beaver build a dam of twigs in front of your intestines, while a ghost lightly flicks lace at the back of your neck, and you happen to be in Fullerton, California at 8pm on 5 Oct, you can go along to the launch party at the Slidebar and try it yourself. Deftones will not be present. They know the consequences already.