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Diana Ross’s niece claims to be Jacko’s daughter

By | Published on Wednesday 28 July 2010

A niece of Diana Ross has claimed that she is the daughter of Michael Jackson, and she’s asked the LA courts to approve a DNA test to prove her paternity claim. If said test proved positive, it seems likely the claimant would push for a cut of the Jacko estate and custody of his other three children.

Mocienne Petit Jackson claims that she was conceived after a then seventeen year old Jacko had sex with her mother, Diana Ross’s older sister Barbara, in 1975. It isn’t clear if she had any contact with Michael while he was alive, though the alleged daughter does accuse the wider Jackson family of staging a cover up to protect their most famous son’s then burgeoning pop career.

In fact, according to TMZ, the claimant alleges that the Jackson clan, led by matriarch Katherine, tried to have her abducted in the mid-eighties amid fears her paternity would be revealed. The court papers go on to claim that the seven people involved in the kidnapping plot were later murdered. Which all sounds a bit outlandish, but there you go.

Mocienne Petit, who says she, like her alleged father, suffers from the vitiligo skin condition, says she want her paternity to be confirmed so she can “formally claim my part of my father’s inheritance”. She also wants custody of her possible half-siblings Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket, claiming she could give the three children a more “normal” upbringing. They are currently cared for by their grandmother.

Neither the Jackson family nor Diana Ross’s people have responded to Mocienne Petit Jackson’s claims.