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Digital entertainment spend of UK consumers tops £100 million a week

By | Published on Friday 9 August 2019

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UK consumers spent more than £100 million a week on digital entertainment services in the first half of 2019. Which is a lot of direct debits people forgot to cancel. That stat is according to the Entertainment Retailers Association, which has reported that digital music, video and gaming platforms in the UK brought in more than £2.7 billion between January and June.

The trade group notes that, if you throw in some disc sales data just for old time’s sake, that means the wider entertainment retail sector has seen revenues grow 4.5% so far this year, topping £3.3 billion.

In music, ERA reckons that, while physical and download sales continued to slide – 13.8% and 26.1% respectively – streaming income rose 25.8%. Which means music retail income across the board was up 9.9%. Which was a higher growth rate than video and gaming, even though music remains the smallest of the three entertainment retail segments in terms of total income.

Commenting on all that, ERA CEO Kim Bayley says: “With January-June historically the quietest half of the year, this is another great result for entertainment. Digital services and physical retailers alike continue to innovate to expand the market for music, video and games”.