Digital music service cull on the horizon, says Deezer boss

By | Published on Tuesday 18 October 2011


According to Deezer UK’s Managing Director Mark Foster there is only “room for three or four” digital music services on the internet, and we’ll see a lot close in the next twelve months.

Asked which digital services currently out there would most likely survive, Foster told Music Week: “We’ll be one of [the ones that survives], no question. Whether we’ll be bigger than Spotify, I don’t know. There’ll inevitably be a shake-out – as with any market where you get a lot of people coming in with great ideas – over the next twelve months, you’ll get four or five big players coming out of the pack. Some will fall away. That’s market dynamics”.

Since arriving in the UK in September, Deezer claims to have signed up 1.4 million premium subscribers. Most of those have come through an exclusive deal with Orange to bundle the service in with pay monthly mobile phone contracts though, which means it’s not clear how many active users the service actually has.