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DIIV will re-enact your dreams (for a fee)

By | Published on Tuesday 2 June 2015


People tend to shrink away if you try to tell them your dreams. Not DIIV though. They would love to hear about that time you woke up momentarily confused as to why you sold all your clothes to Gary Lineker. One snag, they’ll expect you to also hand over $10,000. But they will then act out the dream (after looking up who the hell Gary Lineker is).

Three people are being offered the chance to have their dreams recreated by DIIV as a fundraising perk for immersive theatre experience ‘Houseworld’, which is currently trying to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter.

“Describe a dream you’ve had. When you attend this coming season of ‘Houseworld’, your dream will be re-enacted for you by the band DIIV”, says the description of the reward for the most generous of funders. So you see, I wasn’t lying.

If you have £6580.16 (ish) spare, why not get all meta and pretend that you dreamt all of this.