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Diplo re-releases debut album through BitTorrent, plus penis news round-up

By | Published on Wednesday 19 November 2014


BitTorrent has made its new and previously reported ‘bundle’ system, which allows artists to release music and charge for it via the file-sharing protocol, available to all. And the first post-launch artist to do so is that Diplo.

Jumping on the zeitgeist, BitTorrent’s Chief Content Officer Matt Mason said in a statement: “Taylor Swift sparked debate over the state of music in recent weeks; the value of a stream, the value of a record. The value of art shouldn’t be up for debate. It should be up to artists. Our goal with BitTorrent Bundle is to restore control to creators”.

Well, he would say that. And though BitTorrent’s Bundle does give artists extra controls over how they distribute and value their content, and the technology firm only takes at 10% cut of the loot, all the other existing direct-to-fan platforms offer similar functionality (and more), usually on a similar commission rate. But BitTorrent reckons its D2F system can reach a bigger audience because of all the naughty people using its technology to access music from the file-sharing networks.

The first artist to use Bundle to extract cash from fans was, of course, Tom York from The Radioheads, with his new solo album. The title was something to do with boxes, I think. Anyway, that album. You remember. Diplo is now offering a tenth anniversary edition of his debut album, ‘Florida’, via Bundle, which features some extra bonus stuff, like a remix and a message from Diplo himself. Lovely.

Says Diplo: “I made ‘Florida’ between a small apartment in Philadelphia and my mother’s house in Florida. I was working late nights and taking a bus through the city every night, smoking weed, putting on headphones and just making things I never heard before and could just imagine. Making this record created an entirely new world for me. Now that I think back it’s a very strange beginning and it’s crazy it’s been ten years since its first release, but really, this record represents my first 23 years of life – what I had inside of me and where I came from so I’m excited to revisit it”.

You’d think he would have mentioned BitTorrent there, but no. Well, anyway, you can buy the anniversary package via normal channels next month. Maybe just wait for that. Anyway, enough of this. I know you’re only reading this because you’re wondering about Diplo’s penis. Well, lucky for you, I have two bits of other news related to that. Kind of.

Number one: He and Lorde are friends again, after she accused him of having a small penis. This, of course, came after he suggested that Lorde’s buddy Taylor Swift should do something about the size of her “booty”. He tweeted Lorde on Monday and asked her to come to the premiere of the new ‘Hunger Games’ film with him. She declined, but was nice about it. So that’s all fine now.

Number two: Diplo has had a child. Well, his ex-girlfriend Kathryn Lockhart has. Though I assume his penis was involved at some point, hence this news featuring here. The child, a boy, has been named (by both parents, contrary to most reports on this) Lazer Lee Louis Pentz.

And that is all the Diplo penis/music news I have right now.