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Dispute over Goldsworthy’s DFA status

By | Published on Thursday 4 February 2010

There seems to be some confusion over British producer and Mo Wax co-founder Tim Goldsworthy’s involvement with DFA Records, the label he set up with Jonathon Galkin and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy in 2001. Goldsworthy has now moved back to the UK, and is reportedly no longer in contact with the New York-based EMI-affiliated music company.

Speaking to Resident Advisor, James Galkin said: “Tim Goldsworthy moved away to somewhere in the United Kingdom, without informing anyone here at DFA. We have had no word from him since he left the United States. So, we moved on with our lives and our business. Simple as that. He most definitely took a piece of us when he left, but we wish him the best with whatever he gets up to next”.

However, Goldsworthy refutes this. He says his move back to the UK was not linked to his involvement, or not, in DFA, rather he moved back here because most of his production work is based in this country, plus he feels Britain is a better place to bring up his family. He says: “I haven’t left. If that was the case then, well, Murphy’s never there, because he’s always touring or in the studio, so that would mean he left, I don’t know, nine years ago or something?”

Although he admits he has done little work with the label in the last two years, he remains co-owner of the company, so it’s possible that both men are technically correct.