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DIY magazine celebrates 100th edition

By | Published on Thursday 3 September 2020


When DIY magazine launched its print edition back in 2011, who knew that by the time the 100th issue came along having actual shops able to stock actual copies and actual venues able to host actual parties would be such a novel thing. But here we are. DIY magazine will celebrate its 100th issue in print next week with actual copies available in actual shops and actual parties in an actual venue. Imagine!

DIY – which began online in 2002 before adding the print edition nine years later – will celebrate issue 100 with a bunch of retrospective articles featuring the likes of Mystery Jets, Aluna, Will Butler, Creeper, Nadia Rose and Rina Sawayama. Meanwhile, The Cribs, Everything Everything and Disclosure all also appear talking about their new records.

As for the issue 100 parties, they will take place in a suitably socially distanced manner at the Walthamstow brewery of band-beer-makers Signature Brew. With events taking place each evening next week, there’ll be a photography exhibition, three intimate gigs and a closing party with Sports Team DJing.

Commenting on the 100th edition, the magazine’s Publisher Rupert Vereker says: “In the face of the current climate, the fact that we are celebrating the publication of DIY’s 100th magazine issue in September means so much more”.

“Against a background of negativity on the economy, employment, live music, artist revenue loss and music magazine media”, he goes on, “we want to demonstrate our support for the live industry, labels, artists and fans, and the brands that support it, celebrating achievements in the past and more importantly in the future”.

Meanwhile, Managing Editor Sarah Jamieson adds: “Across our September 2020 issue, DIY will be getting a little nostalgic. We’ll be looking back through our past 100 issues and remembering the good, the bad and the downright hilarious”.

“As well as checking in with a slew of DIY’s favourite artists”, she says, “including our cover stars Idles, alongside previous mainstays such as Chvrches, The Cribs, Everything Everything and Metronomy, we’ll also be revisiting our first ever issue and recalling some of music’s finest success stories by looking back through our ‘Class of…’ series from across the past nine years”.

The 100th edition is also available online here, with details about next week’s gigs and parties here.