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Dodgy prescriptions at heart of Jacko investigation

By | Published on Thursday 30 July 2009

Perhaps keen to keep Jacko here in the upper echelons of the CMU Daily for a couple more weeks, the LA coroner’s office yesterday announced that the much previously reported toxicology report which should throw some light on what caused Michael Jackson’s death won’t now be released this week.

I never thought it would be, but the coroner had previously indicated it might. But yesterday he said no results would now be released until next week at the earliest. Toxicology tests always takes week to complete, though previously it had been indicated that the Jackson tests would be rushed through. As previously reported, it’s expected that the toxicology report will show the singer died as a result of receiving a shot of a powerful anaesthetic, probably propofol, twelve hours before the cardiac arrest that killed him. It seems Jackson took the drug on a routine basis to try to overcome insomnia.

According to TMZ, police investigations are centring on how Jackson may have got the prescription drug that may have killed him. They say that the recent and previously reported raids of the offices and home of Dr Conrad Murray, Jackson’s private physician, were attempts to find dodgy prescriptions sanctioned by the medic in order to get the prescription medication, most using fake names. While there may be no case for saying Murray behaved incompetently or recklessly in administering the propofol shot to Jackson, there may be a case for saying he helped the singer acquire the drug fraudulently.

That said, TMZ reckon it won’t just be Murray implicated in any dodgy prescriptions scandal, adding that the investigation into Jacko’s death may lead to the unveiling of a Hollywood-wide network of medics who prescribe dangerous and unnecessary medications to rich celebrities, who ask for such drugs on a whim.

Meanwhile, as media attention focuses more and more on Dr Conrad Murray, there were reports yesterday that Jacko’s doc is over $100,000 behind on his mortgage and could face foreclosure. While media reports suggest Murray’s finances have been in a state for a while, his legal rep Edward Chernoff indicated that the Jackson investigation, and the fact he hasn’t been paid for his two months working for the singer – by either the Jackson clan or ‘This Is It’ promoters AEG – are behind his current mortgage problems. Chernoff added: “His hope is he can forestall foreclosure until he can once again begin working as a doctor”.