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Doherty and Barât talk about working together again

By | Published on Thursday 2 December 2010

Pete Doherty has said that he wants Carl Barât to help him out with some songs for the new Babyshambles album. Meanwhile, Barat has said that The Libertines are “probably gonna play a few more gigs”.

Doherty told Vogue Italia: “There’s a couple of songs at the moment that have been stuck on the treadmill for a while that I need to get finished. I just feel that when they’re finished it will be a new chapter. But they’re really struggling to get out at the moment. I might even have to show them to Carl, because in the old days that’s what we’d do. If I had a great idea I’d share it with Carl and inevitably something great would happen”.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Barât said of the recent Libertines reunion: “It was great, I thought we came full circle. Libertines got cut short before we could play these kind of gigs. I’m glad they went well. The potential of the band was always questioned by people… if The Libertines were capable to play gigs of that size. And now we got the option to start a new chapter”.

He continued: “That’s a nice option to have. I don’t know if and when we’re gonna take it up, but I think we probably gonna play a few more gigs, playing the same sort of thing, but I wouldn’t keep doing that. Every band is doing a reunion and we would never get together and do an ‘Up The Bracket’ tour for three years around the world”.

Did you see that? They both talked about starting a new chapter. I should probably comment on that and then spin it into something wildly speculative. Um, how about this…

Pete Doherty and Carl Barât are going to write a series of children’s books together, hoping to rival ‘Harry Potter’. A source who once stood near JK Rowling at a bus stop told CMU: “JK’s really running scared of these boys, she’s seen what they’ve done for music and she’s worried that they might cause people to forget all the wizardy work she’s done in the last fifteen years”.

Now, let’s all go and do something else.