Doherty jailed for six months

By | Published on Monday 23 May 2011

Pete Doherty

So, Pete Doherty was jailed for six months on Friday in relation to the cocaine possession charges that followed the death of his friend Robin Whitehead last year.

As previously reported, Whitehead had been making a film about Doherty when she died of an overdose last year. Doherty was initially accused of supplying the drugs that killed the film-maker, though was subsequently charged only for being in possession of cocaine on arrest. Last week the Babyshambler responded to the former allegation by insisting that Whitehead had been a long-time drug user, that he had not “led her astray”, and that on a number of occasions he had tried to curb her drug use.

However, despite initially denying the actual charges against him, last month the singer pleaded guilty to cocaine possession. On Friday at London’s fashionable Snaresbrook Crown Court Judge David Radford said the singer had an “appalling record” with regards illegal drug use and possession, and that a custodial sentence was therefore justified.

The jail time means the rest of Doherty’s current UK tour has been scrapped.