Doherty may be requestioned about 2006 party death

By | Published on Monday 20 December 2010

Pete Doherty may be re-interviewed by police over the death of Mark Blanco, the actor who died after being thrown out of a party attended by the Babyshambler in 2006.

As previously reported, Blanco fell to his death from a balcony in the building where Doherty was attending a party. Some eyewitnesses said Blanco had previously had a run in with Doherty and/or one of his associates that night, though the host of the party, Paul Roundhill, denied this. What is pretty certain, though, is that Roundhill twice forcefully evicted Blanco from his flat, the first time punching him several times in the process. It was shortly after Blanco’s second eviction that he fell to his death.

At the time, police investigations focused on the theory Blanco’s death was either suicide or an accident, perhaps as Blanco attempted to make his exit by jumping to a lamppost. But the coroner rejected the suicide theory, and, on declaring an open verdict, encouraged police to reopen their investigations.

Blanco’s mother has also been calling for further investigations and, according to the Daily Mail, the Met police have now confirmed they are revisiting the case, with a source telling the tabloid: “[It will be] a meticulous search for the truth… A number of individuals who were at the party will have to be interviewed”. It is widely assumed that will include Doherty.