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Don Letts picks favourites from the John Peel Archive

By | Published on Wednesday 22 April 2015

Don Letts in the John Peel Archive

The John Peel Archive has published a new collection of tracks from the late DJ’s massive record collection, curated by filmmaker and DJ Don Letts.

As well offering a track to stream from each of the records Letts pulled off the shelves, you can hear his own comments on the artists behind them. And the whole thing is kicked off with a 20 minute documentary about Letts’ day spent sifting through Peel’s records to find his favourites.

Cian Smyth, producer for The Space, which has commissioned a series of curated collections such as this under the banner Record Box, says: “The John Peel Archive once again offers a fresh perspective on the world of John Peel’s record collection for many music fans to enjoy. Don Letts provides the third Record Box, after Joe Boyd and DJ Mala. It offers access for audiences all over the world to Don Letts’ personal journey through the history of reggae and punk music, its influences and inspirations”.

Listen to Don Letts’ selection here.