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Dot Blockchain allies with Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Sawtooth framework

By | Published on Wednesday 23 August 2017


The Dot Blockchain project – which seeks to address the music industry’s multifarious music data issues via a new blockchain-distributed rights registry – has announced that it has selected the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Sawtooth as its blockchain – or ‘distributed ledger’ if you prefer – of choice.

The music data initiative says it has selected the Hyperledger Sawtooth framework to distribute its registry because of a specific mechanism it offers called Proof Of Elapsed Time, which will “enhance the security and privacy of the content rights registry”.

Says Dot Blockchain boss Benji Rogers: “Hyperledger Sawtooth will enable us to scale rapidly and customise transaction processors specifically for ingesting rights data. We look forward to delivering a strong and lasting solution, anchored on a sophisticated and secure blockchain foundation, for the music and media industries with Intel”.

Ah yes, Intel. Sawtooth was contributed to the wider Hyperledger open-source blockchain project by Intel, and the VP of that firm’s Software & Services Group, Rick Echevarria, welcomed Dot Blockchain’s announcement.

He said: “Hyperledger Sawtooth, utilising Intel security technologies, is able to provide enhanced privacy and security for blockchain transactions. dotBC’s blockchain initiative is an example of how blockchains can provide and meet the transparency and visibility requirements of the music and media industry”.