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Dotblockchain announces Warner Music alliance

By | Published on Wednesday 3 October 2018


Dotblockchain – one of several operations hoping to solve all of the music industry’s data woes with the blockchain – has announced a partnership with Warner Music. The firm already has alliances with independent distributors and publishers, and a collecting society, but this is its first tie-up with a major.

The start-up said earlier this week: “In the next months, Warner/Chappell publishing and Warner Music labels will collaborate with us to create a revolutionary way for record labels and publishers to form a collective truth about their media assets on the blockchain. This partnership marks the first step in modernising the way catalogues and song rights are managed in the industry – and future-proofing delivery to the digital supply chain”.

The lack of decent publicly accessible music rights data – especially that which links song rights with the recordings they appear in – has become an ever bigger problem for the music industry with the shift to streams. A decent database of this kind would solve a number of issues in the streaming space, and various societies, music rights owners and start-ups are working on possible solutions. Warner Music is also collaborating with another music data start-up called JAAK.

Commenting on Dotblockchain’s tie-up with Warner, its founder Benji Rogers said: “The future of rights management will be one in which machines will augment the work of humans and enable the music industry to work at a speed and scale fit for the digital era. Warner has fully embraced this vision and are leading with a data-first and future-facing strategy that will benefit not only those artists and writers that they represent but the music industry as a whole”.