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Dotcom claims he was beaten by police during raid

By | Published on Thursday 9 August 2012

Kim Schmitz

MegaUpload founder Kim ‘Dotcom’ Schmitz this week accused New Zealand police of punching and kicking him when they raided his home back in January at the request of US authorities, who were concurrently shutting down the MegaUpload business on the grounds it was guilty of mass copyright infringement.

Dotcom made the allegations at a court hearing in New Zealand to consider the fate of evidence seized during the high profile raid. As previously reported, it has since been revealed that the country’s police force applied for the wrong kind of warrant before swooping on Dotcom’s mansion home, rendering the raid illegal. It now needs to be decided whether this means prosecution reps must return anything seized during the exercise.

Recalling the day police raided his home, Dotcom told the Auckland court this week that he was “terrified” when he realised his property was under attack. He withdrew to a safe room in the premises, which is where police located him. “And then they were all over me”, the Mega man claims. “I had a punch to the face, boots kicking me down to the floor. I was screaming and I was in pain … I told them there was no need for punching me or hurting me and please stop”.

It seems unlikely the wrong warrant issue could derail the entire case against Dotcom and his fellow MegaUpload executives, though it’s all rather embarrassing for New Zealand police, given the high profile nature of this case. As also previously reported, Dotcom’s extradition hearing, which was due to take place this month, has been postponed to next March because of various technicalities, including the warrant issue.

In related news, Dotcom has launched a new website presenting his side of the argument in the MegaUpload debate, and disputing America’s various claims against him and his company. You can enjoy it via this link.