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Dotcom seeks whistleblower, promises $5 million for killer evidence

By | Published on Monday 9 June 2014

Kim Schmitz

Kim Dotcom has put out a call for whistleblowers in the US and New Zealand government, or within the Hollywood machine, who could back up one of the conspiracy theories that surrounds the shutdown by the American authorities of his MegaUpload business in 2012.

As previously reported, Dotcom and the other directors of MegaUpload, deny the various allegations made against them by the Americans, and the US music and movie industries, who all accused Team Mega of deliberately encouraging and profiting from rampant copyright infringement across the MegaUpload file-transfer and video-sharing platform.

Even if there is a copyright infringement case to answer, Dotcom’s team have always questioned the case for criminal action, which enabled the immediate shutdown of the MegaUpload operation and the seizure of the company’s assets. One conspiracy theory goes that the American government agreed to take action to secure Hollywood backing for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

For their part the film studios and music companies would argue that it was the scale of MegaUpload’s copyright infringing ways that justified the criminal action, but Dotcom is keen to find some evidence to back up the conspiracy theories, preferably that could be used in court. And he’s told Torrentfreak that a multi-million fee and free legal counsel could be available to any whistleblower who comes forward.

Says the MegaUpload founder: “Let me be clear, we are asking for information that proves unlawful or corrupt conduct by the US government, the New Zealand government, spy agencies, law enforcement and Hollywood. It is the opinion of my legal team that disclosure of such information would be lawful. I would also guarantee that any whistleblower coming forward would have the best legal representation at zero cost”.

Hitting out again at the Obama government’s role in the Mega attack, he goes on: “Former Senator and now Motion Picture Association Of America Chairman Chris Dodd and Vice President Joe Biden in particular have abused their political power to make the pre-trial destruction of MegaUpload possible. Joe Biden’s personal counsel – while Biden was still a Senator – Neil MacBride was promoted to a top position at the DOJ and oversaw the MegaUpload destruction. We have already exposed a whole range of unlawful government conduct in the MegaUpload case, backed by court rulings”.

For any potential dirt dishers afraid of being found out by the powers that be, Dotcom has recommended sources initially approach The Guardian newspaper via its new secure whistleblower platform, using an internet café to access the site. And for anyone who goes through the motions and provides the killer evidence, there could be a $5 million cheque to pick up.

So that’s all fun. As previously reported, Dotcom is currently fighting extradition from New Zealand to face the criminal charges in the US, while attempting to be reconnected with his seized assets in New Zealand and Hong Kong, and to postpone civil lawsuits until after any criminal action has been resolved. At the same time as supporting his new Mega and Baboom business interests and pursuing a political career. Busy guy.