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Dr Dre to go back to his first love: the studio, making NWA film

By | Published on Monday 20 May 2013

Dr Dre

Dr Dre is (almost) back to doing what, let’s face it, is his real job. Which isn’t selling headphones, by the way, but rather creating music in ‘the lab’.

Basically, whilst talking to LA Weekly (mainly on the topic of his and Jimmy Iovine’s new $70 million arts/technology/business programme at the University Of Southern California), Dre said he felt like “going back to the studio”, adding: “Beats is rolling, this thing is happening, and it’s incredible. Now I’m ready to go back to my first love”.

But why, exactly, is he going back into the studio? To put the finishing touches to his long, long awaited album ‘Detox”? No – in fact, there’s no “specific reason” for the new studio stint. He would be there, he said, “just to record because I love to record music. I’m going back in and hopefully the next Kendrick Lamar or the next Eminem walks in the door and I can work with that artist. I’m going to record forever”.

Of course, film projects may as yet get in the way here. Working with Ice Cube and filmmaker F Gary Gray, Dre has reportedly co-scripted a based-on-real-events type NWA movie. It has, he says, had the “green light” from Universal, so that’s another Dre-thing to look forward to.