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Drake claims to have signed up for ten year Camp Flog Gnaw residency, after being booed off at the Tyler, The Creator festival

By | Published on Tuesday 12 November 2019


Drake has responded to being booed off stage during a surprise headline set at Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival in LA on Sunday. He is claiming to have signed a deal to perform at the event every year for the next decade. That’ll teach them.

“Plot twist”, he wrote on Instagram. “Just signed a ten year residency at Camp Flog Gnaw, sorry kids, see you EVERY SINGLE YEAR till you are 30”.

The final headline slot on Sunday night had been left with no artist announced until the moment Drake stepped out on stage. Generally you would expect this to be a welcome sight, what with Drake being one of the biggest artists on the planet just now.

However, many in the audience had convinced themselves that they were about to get a rare sighting of Tyler, The Creator’s old Odd Future buddy Frank Ocean, and weren’t happy with who they got instead.

Drake persevered for a while, acknowledging the hostile reception he was receiving, but eventually cut his set short.

Festival boss Tyler, The Creator, who no doubt, along with the rest of the team at the event put in some considerable effort to organise all this, was not happy. He changed his Twitter bio to “Embarrassed by my fans right now” before laying into them in a series of tweets.

“I thought bringing one of the biggest artists on the fucking planet to a music festival was fire”, he wrote. “But flipside, a lil tone deaf knowing the specific crowd it drew. Some created a narrative in their head and acted out like assholes when it didn’t come true and I don’t fuck with that”.

“Mostly everyone was having a great time”, he continued. “Those shits in the front area were the ones being mad rude, which, I can see why, but, nah, fuck that, y’all represented me and Flog to my guest and made us look so entitled and trash”.

He did then acknowledge that the incident was also “low key funny” and recognised how upset some people had been when Frank Ocean wasn’t the surprise performer, saying: “I was in the front, and I hear “Tylllerrrr!” and I look to my left, and this girl, red face, puffy, waterfall of tears looked into my soul and said, trembling with anger “what… the… fuck… is this shit!” Nigga, I turned away so quick, she was pissed bro”.

Still, he said “that shit was not cool”, before telling fans that Drake “did not have to come at all”, but that both rappers had thought that to “see our worlds come together was so great in theory”.

Camp Flog Gnaw fans may have another chance to politely watch Drake though, if his claim to have signed up for a ten year residency is true. It’s probably not, although – that said – it would be quite a Tyler, The Creator thing to happen. Tyler commented under Drake’s post, “This is true, y’all. Y’all did this”.

This isn’t the first time a secret Drake set at a festival has prompted an angry response. Last year he performed at London’s Wireless festival. Though fans there were angry that he only played for half an hour, despite being the last act of the night. In that case, the night’s actual headliner, DJ Khaled, had pulled out at the last minute and not been replaced. Drake was only ever booked for a short set, but to an audience not expecting him, it appeared that he’d been brought in to take Khaled’s place and then not delivered the goods.