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Drake files response to Marvins monologue lawsuit

By | Published on Monday 19 March 2012


Drake has filed his response to that previously reported lawsuit pursued against him over the monologue that appears in his song ‘Marvins Room’.

As previously reported, Ericka Lee, who claims to be a former girlfriend of the rapper, says she was promised a cut of the money created by the song in which she guested, and which was the first single taken from Drake’s 2011 album ‘Take Care’, but has so far been given nothing. Although credited as a co-writer under the pseudonym Syren Lyric Muse, Lee wants the courts to give her a full co-writer credit, a stake in the copyright, and royalties from the record.

When Lee filed her lawsuit last month, a rep for Drake called the claim “frivolous” and “entirely without merit”, adding that prior to the track’s release the claimant agreed to allow her voice to be used in the record and asked only for a credit under the pseudonym Syren Lyric Muse and no compensation. It was only after she fell out with Drake and hired a lawyer, the rep added, that the royalty claims began.

In his formal response to the courts last week, Drake said pretty much the same, insisting Lee “consented to the use of her voice in the song ‘Marvins Room’ for no compensation”. The rapper also seemingly denies that he ever had a romantic relationship with the plaintiff too.