Dre lawsuit dismissed

By | Published on Monday 21 March 2011

Dr Dre

A lawsuit being pursued by a former police officer and city officials in Detroit against Dr Dre relating to an incident ten years ago has been dismissed.

As previously reported, the incident in question occurred when then police commander Gary Brown, police spokeswoman Paula Bridges and Mayoral press man Greg Bowens told producers of a 2000 Dre show that they couldn’t show a bit of film being used as an opener because it contained nudity and that violated city laws. The officials threatened to cut the electricity if the sequence was shown, so much so the gig’s promoters decided to comply with their demands.

The three officials sued because Dre’s people filmed the conversation and included it on a subsequent tour DVD. Brown et al claimed the recording and publication of the conversation in a private room infringed their rights, and duly sued for damages. On two previous occasions a court has ruled against the officials, saying that because they were conducting public business any rules governing private conversations did not apply.

But then in 2009 a Michigan appeals court said that the case should be heard again, this time in front of a jury. However, the Michigan Supreme Court seemingly does not concur. It dismissed Brown et al’s third attempt to sue on this issue this weekend. Needless to say, Dre’s legal man welcomed the ruling.