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Dream Wife announce debut album

By | Published on Friday 27 October 2017

Dream Wife

Dream Wife have announced that they will release their eponymous debut album on 26 Jan through Lucky Number.

Speaking about their name, and the name of the album, the band say: “It’s a commentary on the objectification of women; the 1950s American Dream stereotype package. Having the dream house, the dream car and the dream wife. We want to flip the script on that. Women aren’t objects; we don’t just fit into one mould”.

They go on: “At the start, we joked around calling each other our wives, but by supporting one another, celebrating achievements together and finding strength in female solidarity we’re reclaiming the concept of a ‘wife’. Being in a band is a marriage in itself”.

Along with the announcement, the trio have released new single, ‘Let’s Make Out’.┬áHave a listen to that here: