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Drug agency involved in Jacko investigation

By | Published on Friday 3 July 2009

So, Michael Jackson’s alleged use of prescription drugs remains probably the biggest story in the Jacko file a week on from his premature death.

And while the coroner waits for results of toxicology tests to ascertain whether drugs played a role in Jackson’s demise, the LAPD are reportedly stepping up their investigation into what drugs the singer was taking on a regular basis and, just as importantly, who was supplying them to him.

As previously reported, Jackson’s personal medic Dr Conrad Murray has denied administering any drugs to the singer in the hours or minutes before his cardiac arrest. But a nurse who provided nutritional advice to Jackson and his children, Cherilyn Lee, claims he had previously begged her to get him strong sedatives to help him overcome chronic insomnia. She refused, but said that a few days before his death she received a panicked call from one of Jacko’s staff reporting that the singer was ill. The symptoms described, she says, suggested he had taken some sort of drug that affects the central nervous system. Other people close to the singer have made claims about the drugs he took to keep up his strength, and there were reports at the start of the week that police officers had searched his LA home for any substances which may have contributed to his death.

Anyway, according to the Associated Press, the LAPD have now requested the assistance of the Drug Enforcement Administration in its Jacko investigations. The federal agency provides expertise in and knowledge of common drug abuse, of the sorts of prescription drugs normal police officers may not be familiar with, and of illicit drug makers known as “pill mills”. If the aforementioned toxicology reports do show drugs caused Jackson’s death, then presumably the police will be interested to know who in the singer’s inner circle supplied them to him.