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Dua Lipa says social media breaks help her mental health

By | Published on Wednesday 4 September 2019

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa has said that she’s taught herself to “do social media in bite sizes” as a way of looking after her mental health. Although, she adds in a new interview with Vogue, she’s still working to find a balance between privacy and promotion online.

She told the magazine: “I’ve learnt to do social media in bite sizes. Social media has always been around for my generation, so for me it’s really fun to post pictures, tweet and update. But I’ve also received a lot of backlash for talking about political things close to my heart. I’m not one to say sorry, I like to stand by things I believe in, so sometimes I delete the app so I don’t start second guessing myself. Trolls can very easily give you anxiety”.

“The thing that keeps me on social media – and this is more Twitter than Instagram – is my connection with my fans”, she adds. “They’re the reason why I download the app again, so I can talk to them. It’s the foundation that we’ve built everything on”.

She adds that those fans are supportive when she does take a step back from all things social, saying: “My fans know me so well now that I get messages saying, ‘we know you need some time out from Twitter, we just wanted to tell you we missed you’. It’s like everything in life; it’s about finding and maintaining a healthy balance. You can’t always get it right, but you have to try”.

Currently working on her second album, she promises the new songs are happier than those on her first. “For the first record all I could do really was a lot of dance-crying”, she says. “It was so much easier for me to write things that made me unhappy because they were things that stuck in my mind the longest”.

The new album is “like a dancercise class – it’s just fun”, she goes on, adding that its sound is more “mature” and “conceptual”.