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Dubset signs deal with Merlin

By | Published on Friday 1 December 2017


Mix licensing platform Dubset Media has signed a deal with indie label digital rights group Merlin to begin tracking its members’ catalogues.

As previously reported, Dubset’s key focus is identifying tracks used in unofficial mixes and remixes – via its Mixbank service – and then ensuring that they are all properly cleared and any royalties due are collected. The benefit for rightsholders is that they can monetise these often popular uploads, and the creators behind the unofficial mixes can put them online without fear of them being subsequently taken down.

“Adding Merlin’s members to the extraordinary list of labels – and publishers – now managing their catalogues in Mixbank is an important advancement for independent music and artists everywhere”, says Dubset’s Bob Barbiere. “A large percentage of the content Mixbank is scanning each day comes from Merlin member labels. This partnership will have a pronounced impact on the amount of content Dubset will now clear and distribute to music services for consumers”.

Merlin boss Charles Caldas adds: “Mix culture has always accounted for a significant portion of online consumption, and Merlin’s membership represents a wide range of artists at the core of this culture. Merlin’s partnership with Dubset is important as it will unlock new revenues for our global membership, and ensure they can realize even greater value from their repertoire – wherever and however it is used online”.

As previously reported, Dubset received $4 million of new funding earlier this year, and in August signed a deal with Sony Music. On the DSP side, it already has deals in place with Apple Music and Spotify, among others.