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Earache launches new digital distribution service

By | Published on Friday 1 July 2022

Earache Records

Earache Records has announced the launch of new digital distribution service, Earache Digital Distribution. Although the label is obviously most closely associated with metal, the company says the new distribution service will cater to all genres of music.

Artists who use EDD will not have to sign any long-term agreement and will keep 100% of their rights, and will also be offered career development support.

“The music industry has changed a lot since we first started [35 years ago] and change is happening ever faster”, says Earache founder Digby Pearson. “We’re always keen to evolve so we can continue to develop our artists. Digital distribution has democratised the industry, but there will always remain a need to support and empower artists on a tailored level”.

“We’ve been doing this for years, and with Earache Digital Distribution, we’re now doing it in a different way, and welcome all genres”, he goes on. “It’s a way for us to work with more bands as we only actually sign – in the traditional sense – maybe two or three bands a year now. The DIY ethic is strong here. We have been and always will be about the music”.

In addition to digital distribution, he says, “over the years we’ve built strong relationships with award winning mix engineers, plus world-class designers and video directors, and we are experts at planning tours. By launching our distribution service we’re adding to the ways artists can tap into our contacts and knowledge to hopefully reach their full potential. It’s not just distribution here, we’re more than happy to help their creative side too”.

This is the latest evolution of Earache, the company having also added management, publishing and physical distribution services in recent years. Find out more about the new digital distribution option here.