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Ed Sheeran has fallen back into Bad Habits

By | Published on Friday 25 June 2021

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is back to save us all! He’s finally back off holiday, or whatever he’s been doing, with new single ‘Bad Habits’. It is accompanied by a video that sees Sheeran dressed up as a vampire. Just like you wanted.

“Feels great to be back with my new single”, says Sheeran of how it feels to be back with his new single. “I wanted the video for ‘Bad Habits’ to play on the nature of habits in a fantastical way so I decided on vampires. It was mega fun getting into character except for the heights – that wasn’t so fun”.

You heard it right here, folks. Ed Sheeran is afraid of heights. Go and update Wikipedia. While you’re there, you can put in that he’s recording his new album at the moment. It might say that already, but just delete whatever’s there and write it in again.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll probably be wondering where you’re going to be able to see Sheeran performing this new single of his for the first time.

Well, on TikTok, obviously. When? Tonight! He’ll be performing as part of TikTok’s UEFA 2020 show live from Ipswich Town’s Portman Road ground at 9pm UK time. You can add that to Wikipedia too if you like.

Now, watch this video for ‘Bad Habits’: