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Ed Sheeran’s been making stuff up again. Bloody Ed Sheeran.

By | Published on Monday 24 April 2017

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a fucking liar who should never be trusted. Ever. That’s the big story here. Never trust Ed Sheeran, even if you’re really struggling to find an ‘and finally’ story for your daily music news bulletin and your deadline is fast approaching. He will only disappoint you.

So, first it turned out that the best news story of 2016 – that Ed Sheeran got stabbed in the face by royalty – was utter bollocks. Although it seems he actually dropped a sword on his own face, which is still quite good.

Then came the story that actor Saoirse Ronan had tricked Sheeran into getting ‘Galway grill’ tattooed on his arm, instead of the title of his new novelty single ‘Galway Girl’. Not true either. And the real story isn’t much consolation this time round. Although he does have a tattoo that says ‘Galway grill’.

Speaking to Capital North East, Sheeran explained: “It’s not actually what I said it was. It was planned for the [‘Galway Girl’] video, she didn’t play the prank on me … She was meant to write ‘Galway girl’, and then I was like, ‘It’s gonna be funny if you write something different’. She came up with ‘Galway grill’ and then we had it done. I think it’s just funnier to say that she fucked the tattoo up, but that isn’t actually the story”.

So, next time you hear Ed Sheeran say something, assume it’s not the truth. Ed Sheeran has no respect for the truth. He is truly a fake news artist for fake news times. I hope Facebook does something about Ed Sheeran to protect us all.