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Elbow lose NME Award, Calvin gets his

By | Published on Friday 27 February 2009

Girl Aloud Sarah Harding has apparently lost Elbow’s Outstanding Contribution gong from the other night’s NME Awards. I’m not quite sure how Harding came to be guardian of the Manchester band’s award, but she seemingly lost it in the toilets at the aftershow party.

The Daily Mail quotes a source thus: “As she emerged from the toilets she said, ‘Fuck, where’s that award gone?’ It dawned on her she’d left it in the toilets, but it wasn’t there when she checked. Someone had nicked it. That’s when things got a bit too much for her and she decided to leave”.

No word on whether the award has since been found, though given how many gongs Elbow have been racking up of late, I’m sure they can do without this one.

Elsewhere in NME Awards news, the magazine’s editor, Conor McNicholas, has apologised to Calvin Harris who, as previously reported, was rather pissed off that he wasn’t invited to the awards despite the fact that his collaboration with Dizzee Rascal won Best Dancefloor Filler.

He Twittered: “What kind of award ceremony has you win an award yet still doesnt invite you?”, and claimed “They didn’t invite me because I am the worst producer on the planet and also a cunt, their words”.

But McNicholas says Calvin not being invited to his awards show was an administrative error. He Twittered yesterday: “Have just got off phone with Calvin Harris. Groveling apology from me. Administrative cock-up at NME. Quite boring, but email mix-up meant awards team thought Calvin had said he couldn’t come. As far as I knew he’d been invited. All a very big oops. Calvin — consider this a public apology. I owe you one. A physical NME Award will be sent very soon”.