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Eleven Seven Label Group rebrands as Better Noise Music

By | Published on Wednesday 30 October 2019

Better Noise Music

The Eleven Seven Label Group has rebranded itself as Better Noise Music. So stop calling it Eleven Seven, because it just won’t answer to that name anymore. Go on, you try it and see where it gets you. Nowhere, that’s where. Also, just because it has ‘music’ in the name, don’t go around telling people Eleven Seven – I mean, Better Noise – is a music company.

“Better Noise is more than just a music company”, says Better Noise COO Steve Kline. “We are a content company that creates books, films, documentaries, theatrical productions, tours, and television, that provide opportunities to reach audiences in unique and impactful ways. We’re more than a record label, we develop and nurture artists and bands”.

You want some evidence of this? Well, there’s its involvement in Netflix’s Motley Crue film ‘The Dirt’, a Broadway musical based on Motley Crue frontman Nikki Sixx’s memoir ‘The Heroin Diaries’, and two more film projects, ‘Sno Babies’ and ‘The Retaliators’.

The company’s European MD Dan Waite adds: “Better Noise means we communicate our standards to our artists and partners in just two words. Better Noise is not generic and our standard is excellence. The collaborative way [founder] Allen [Kovac] encourages us to work means the artists benefit from everyone’s skillset, whether in the US, Toronto, Europe or Australia, and this is why we have been able to attract top acts in their genre, like Awolnation and Five Finger Death Punch”.

So that, I believe, is you told. As well as all this, the company’s Nashville division – Better Noise Nashville – has just signed country-rock artist Cory Marks, and its international division – that’ll be Better Noise International – has signed Bang Bang Romeo in the UK, Bleeker in Canada and Atlas Genius in Australia.