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Ellis-Bextor writes song for stalker

By | Published on Friday 16 July 2010

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has revealed that a track on her new album, ‘Dial My Number’, is an ode to a stalker who sends her text messages, although she’s not entirely certain that the person in question means to stalk her.

She told Channel 4’s ‘The 5 O’Clock Show’: “The song’s about my text stalker. It’s quite harmless, I think. It’s normally fairly innocuous things and jokes and stuff like that. I got one on my way to work one day and so when I arrived we decided to write a song about it”.

As to what the stalker might think of the song, she added: “I never respond so they don’t know that I’m receiving it. People say, ‘But surely now you’ve written a song, they will know!’ But they could be texting someone else. It hasn’t been confirmed that it’s me they’re texting. They don’t seem to know where I live”.