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Eminem publisher sues over Audi ad

By | Published on Friday 3 June 2011


Eminem’s publishing company Eight Mile Style has applied for an injunction through the German courts to try to stop Audi from using Slim Shady track ‘Lose Yourself’ in a TV ad, which was unveiled at a press event in Berlin last week.

Reps for Eight Mile Style say that not only is Audi using the song in its new ad without the publisher’s permission, but the marketing campaign “feels inspired by” – which might be a polite way of saying “rips off” – a TV ad released by Chrysler earlier this year which was endorsed by, and indeed starred, Eminem himself. That ad also used ‘Lose Yourself’ as a soundtrack.

In a statement, Eight Mile Style exec Joel Martin told reporters: “It is absolutely shocking. We believe Audi not only used ‘Lose Yourself’ to sell their product without permission, but their spot actually feels inspired by elements of Chrysler’s commercial campaign”.

Legal man Thomas Schmitz filed the injunction application in the Hamburg courts on behalf of Eight Mile Style, and he said in a statement: “We have made the [Hamburg] Regional Court aware of the serious implications of this matter. We have requested a cease and desist order and will also seek damages”.

Audi is yet to respond. Perhaps its people are waiting for Chrysler to say something, then they’ll rip off, I mean “be inspired by”, that statement.