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Emma Bunton reveals that the Spice Girls are “definitely” doing “something”

By | Published on Thursday 7 June 2018

Spice Girls

Apparently it’s Emma Bunton’s turn to make a vague statement about the Spice Girls reunion. Because she has. And I promise it’s super vague.

“There is definitely something in the pipeline”, she said on ITV’s ‘This Morning’. “It’s difficult because I hope everyone appreciates that we want it to be the right thing, that’s all it is”.

The big question, of course, is ‘will there be a tour?’ “I’m not sure”, she said. “But I think a few shows would be good”.

OK, so there may or may not be a tour. But will Victoria Beckham be involved in any of what they end up doing? “I’m sure she will be involved in some way”, she mused.

Asked if they would be making a movie she bellowed: “Definitely not a movie”. Then, realising she’d broken the all important vagueness rule, she added that an animated film is “something we may be talking about”.

In other relevant news, the Spice Girls’ management company XIX Entertainment has just appointed Dawbell to do PR on the group’s reunion activities. Although I’m not sure they’re really required, what with the Spice Girls themselves out there explaining everything so clearly.