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Enrique Iglesias water-skis naked, as promised

By | Published on Friday 6 August 2010

Despite warnings that he could be arrested by local authorities, Enrique Iglesias stayed true to his word and water-skied naked off the coast of Miami.

As previously reported, Iglesias promised to water-ski au natural if Spain won the World Cup during an interview with the BBC in June. Spain duly took the prize, leading to the singer announcing “a bet is a bet” when asked if he would go through with it.

However, a spokesman for Miami law enforcers told TMZ that there was a strict “no nudity” rule on the state’s coast, saying: “We enforce all laws here, regardless of what your status is in the Miami community”.

Well, in your face, Miami! He’s done it. At least, we think he has. To be honest, the footage TMZ have put online could be anyone.