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EP review: Debukas – Debukas001 (2020 Vision) 

By | Published on Tuesday 7 June 2011


Debukas is part of a new movement – if you can call it that – of artists for whom 1988 is their year zero. Along with contemporaries like the 2 Bears and some of the new acts on the rejuvenated R&S label, Debukas mines the territory of Detroit techno, Chicago house and IDM in a richly seductive way to make music that still sounds more futurist than retro-futurist.

Awash with spacey synths, deep house beats and acid squelches, the four tracks here are given warmth and humanity by the teenager’s (yes, we have another young prodigy here) occasional vocals. ‘Some Days’ does this perfectly – built on looped vocal fragments and an insistent P-Funk beat, its shimmering Bladerunner washes and poppy chorus hook prove irresistible. Meanwhile ‘Set Myself On Fire’ effortlessly drops the tempo… the vibe could be blissed-out Balearica were it not for the metropolitan sensibility.

Constantly melodic deftly-executed dance music is rarely done as well as this, making this debut a joy from start to end. MS

Physical release: 30 May