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Even more Jacko

By | Published on Tuesday 30 June 2009

Michael Jackson’s father Joe seems to be leading the conspiracy theorists with regards his son’s sudden death last week.

He’s told LA media that he still suspects foul play, even though the initial autopsy by Californian authorities said there was nothing suspicious about Jacko’s death, and LAPD have said there is no reason to suspect that the singer’s personal physician, Dr Conrad Murray, acted inappropriately or negligently in the minutes before the singer’s demise.

Still, Jackson Senior says that to him Michael’s death doesn’t make sense, because minutes before suffering a fatal cardiac arrest he was happily chatting to fans at the gates of his rented mansion in LA. And, of course, no one has ever previously been happily chatting one minute and dead the next. Such things do not, whatever experts in the medical profession may say, happen every day of the week.

I shouldn’t be so harsh I suppose, the poor guy has just lost his son. Anyway, this is what Jackson Senior told ABC7 yesterday: “Michael was dead before he left the house [to go to hospital]. I’m suspecting foul play somewhere. He was waving to everybody and telling them he loves them and all, the fans at the gate. A few minutes after Michael was out there, he was dead”.

The family is expected to order its own autopsy as part of its investigation into what happened to Michael, while the LA coroner won’t fully report on the singer’s death until the results of toxicology tests are known, which could take up to two months.