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Evian Christ announces tiny, bright and loud shipping container shows

By | Published on Thursday 8 November 2018

Evian Christ

Producer Evian Christ and live visual artist Emmanuel Biard have announced that they will play three shows in a shipping container in Liverpool over the space of a month, starting next week.

The repurposed shipping container will fit just 50 people inside and will sit at an as yet undisclosed location in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. Tickets are only available via text message and those able to get hold of them will only be told where to go 24 hours before the show. The event is presented by

“Myself and Emmanuel started off with humble intentions”, says Evian Christ. “But our touring career has basically descended into an obsessive voyage of discovery to see how many strobe lights and arena-appropriate smoke machines someone could successfully fit inside Europe’s smallest, loudest clubs. Once that’s been settled, I play the music and Emmanuel plays the lights”.

Turning to this event, he goes on: “In this particular case, we’ll have four 3000kw strobes servicing 50 people, which as a ratio is basically unheard of – very extreme. Please come in expectation of experiencing something akin to the final scene of Danny Boyle’s ‘Sunshine’, in which the protagonist – you – becomes consumed by the sun, but with the promise of a better soundtrack and a less fanciful plot”.

“For me, the story of this event is the history of containerised global sea-freight”, he continues. “The story of a country with an unsustainable and ever-widening trade deficit; of a city whose industrial sites were replaced with monuments honouring the speculations of international financiers; and of a culture which services this ongoing state of affairs by holding itself accountable to an unsolvable set of moral values”.

“In short”, he concludes, “I share [Sevenstore’s] ambition to put 50 people inside a repurposed Chinese shipping container and have them stare directly into four strobe lights while I play the original mix of ‘Xpander’ at 150db”.

So, if the thought of being pummelled by dangerous levels of light and sound in a small space packed with other people sounds appealing, send a text to 0777 677 0707 saying so.

The shows will take place on 16 Nov, 30 Nov and 15 Dec. Here’s a trailer: