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Ex-LA Weekly writer to pen official Marilyn Manson biography

By | Published on Thursday 3 March 2011

Marilyn Manson

Former LA Weekly web editor Erin Broadley, who left the publication’s online division last week, has announced that she is to write the first official Marilyn Manson biography. Which is pretty good going for someone the shock rocker once threatened to kill. In fact, it was those death threats that brought them together. Aw.

Two years ago, Broadley interviewed Buddyhead’s Travis Keller, and published a few tales of Keller’s debauched nights out with Manson in her write up. Not wanted to be portrayed as someone who enjoys any sort of debauched lifestyle, Manson took to his MySpace blog (remember those?) and warned everyone involved that they would soon be dead.

After a bit of a Twitter feud (Manson will stalk you across many social networks, should you get on his bad side), it seems the pair then met and it turned out they actually quite liked each other. Hence Manson chose Broadley to write about him.

Manson has previously published a book about himself, his 1998 autobiography ‘The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell’, which was written with Rolling Stone’s Neil Strauss. But I seem to remember my mum said of that book: “He manages to say a lot without telling you anything”. Maybe my mum will find this new book a more satisfying read.

The man himself seems to think people will like it, and despite its ‘authorised’ status, wants it to be a proper warts and all tale. He says: “I asked Erin Broadley to write an objective account of my life because I have great respect for her. I think she has the balls to be the next Lee Miller”.

During the second world war, Lee Miller was Vogue’s war photographer and a war correspondent for Life Magazine. For one Life Magazine piece, she broke into Hilter’s flat in Munich and was photographed in his bath. Whether writing about Manson will require quite such bravado remains to be seen. Broadley’s book is due to be published by Cooking Vinyl later this year.