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Example offers to replace fan’s car so he can listen to new album

By | Published on Tuesday 19 June 2018


Example has promised to buy a fan a new car so that he can listen to his new album. Yet another example of how the economics of modern music are stacked against the artist.

After Example announced his new LP, ‘Bangers & Ballads’, on Instagram, one fan, Jordan Niner, asked “Are you bringing this out on CD? Please say yes, I need some new bangers from you while I’m driving”.

“Probably not”, replied Example. “It’s 2018”.

“My car is from 2001 and doesn’t have an aux”, wailed Niner, pre-empting any suggestion that he stream on his car stereo through his phone.

Quick as a flash, Example came up with a solution: “If this album does well, I’ll buy you a new car, how about that?” Though he then added that this was not an offer that would be repeated for anyone else unable to stream digital tunes into their vehicles, as is was the “first and last Example New Secondhand Car Lottery”.

Niner, understandably, was very excited and quickly set about telling everyone to engage with the album in a way that would assist in assuring its success.

“This lad don’t have an aux or Bluetooth in his car. Only CD. And my new album won’t be on CD. So I’m gonna buy him a new car so he can enjoy it”, Example confirmed on Twitter. “Don’t worry bro, I’ve got you”.

I don’t want to spoil this party, but my car is from 1999, and when I wanted to stream music in it I simply bought and installed a new stereo. I didn’t know that you could just ask pop stars for new cars at the time though.