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Expelled Pixies bassist Kim Shattuck “shocked” by split

By | Published on Thursday 12 December 2013

Kim Shattuck

Short-stay Pixies bassist Kim Shattuck has given her side of her somewhat unceremonious ‘parting of ways’ with the band, which occurred after only a matter of months. Shattuck, of course, was chosen to stand in for the band’s long-time original bassist, Kim Deal, when the latter left earlier this year.

Speaking in the same week her replacement Paz Lenchantin has been named, Shattuck tells NME she was “surprised” to find she wasn’t staying with Pixies into 2014.

She says: “Everything had gone well, the reviews were all good and the fans were super-nice about everything. They were like, ‘We love you, New Kim!’ [Then] we said goodbye at the airport and the following morning the manager called me and said: ‘The band has made the decision to go with another bass player’. I was shocked”.

Reflecting on why she, apparently, wasn’t the right fit, she adds: “I get the feeling they’re more introverted people than I am. Nobody really talked about deep issues, at least out loud. There was a show at the Mayan in Los Angeles where I got overly enthusiastic and jumped into the crowd, and I know they weren’t thrilled about that. When I got offstage the manager told me not to do that again. I said, ‘Really, for my own safety?’ And he said, ‘No, because the Pixies don’t do that'”.

Ah, so that’s it, the Pixies are too boring. Sounds about right. But, insists Kim #2, she bears no ill will towards Black Francis and his boring snoring bandmates. “I would have preferred it if they told me face to face as a group, but they’re nice people. I’m still a fan of the Pixies”, she states.

And just to twist the knife, here are Shattuck’s ex Pixies peers in their new video ‘Another Toe In The Ocean’, a track off their ‘EP-1’ EP.