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FAC partners with other artist groups to lobby EU on digital royalties

By | Published on Monday 14 March 2011

Featured Artists Coalition

The Featured Artists Coalition has teamed up with artist, DJ and management groups in other European countries to make sure their viewpoint is heard as the European Union plan new pan-European rules regarding the distribution of digital royalties by collecting societies.

FAC will work with Younison in Belgium, Technopol in France and DJ Monitor in The Netherlands to provide an artist voice as a European directive on digital royalties is thought through. The collecting societies, who will also be lobbying hard on this issue, represent corporate as well as individual creators in the royalties domain, of course.

Confirming the alliance, Kelvin Smiths of Younison told reporters: “The EU is preparing new legislation which will determine how artists receive royalties and are informed by their national collecting societies This new law will be mission critical in supporting artists and creativity in the future in Europe. Together with the other artists we will use our influence to make sure that the voice of the artist is heard and that our demands are heard and included in the new directive”.

FAC Co-Chair Nick Mason added: “In its campaign for the protection of artists’ rights, FAC acknowledges the importance of EU legislation in ensuring a vibrant pan-European creative zone. We are teaming up with Younison to form a European network to ensure the voice of the artist is heard at the highest echelons of EU power. Together we are going to fight for artists’ rights”.