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Facebook launches Independent Artist Program with TuneCore and Distrokid

By | Published on Thursday 17 June 2021


Facebook has launched a new Independent Artist Program in partnership with TuneCore and Distrokid to allow artists to get their music into the Facebook and Instagram platforms without incurring any costs.

Music is now utilised across the Facebook business in various ways, including via the audio library that users can access within Stories on both Facebook and Instagram, and on the company’s TikTok-esque Instagram Reels service. Facebook licenses music from labels and distributors for all that, generating income for those companies and their artists.

Many DIY distributors have deals in place with Facebook allowing independent artists to take part in all this too. Though, obviously, in most cases artists have to pay fees to access DIY distribution. Under the Independent Artist Program those artists will be able to push their music into the Facebook system and earn royalties without any upfront costs.

Says Facebook’s Music Business Development Manager, Chris Papaleo: “Facebook is proud to make it easier for independent artists and creators to reach new audiences on our platform and build community through music. When joining our Independent Artist Program, creators are backed by our outstanding distribution partners, allowing them to get their music in front of more people, across all of our apps”.

When signing up to the programme, artist can pick to work with TuneCore or Distrokid, which will actually handle the payment of any royalties.

Confirming its involvement, TuneCore’s Andreea Gleeson adds: “These days we are seeing a levelling of the playing field as discovery is happening via social media and no longer solely dependent on industry executives and DJs handpicking hits. With the popularity of short form videos, Facebook Stories and Instagram Reels are two important platforms on which fans are finding songs and artists, with careers being made when songs go viral. The Facebook Independent Artist Program provides an even greater gateway for indie artists from around the world to be heard”.