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Facebook and Spotify solve the problem of it being easy to share music with friends

By | Published on Friday 4 March 2016


Messaging, eh. That’s the thing, isn’t it? The thing that’s going to change everything. The day when people can share songs with each other while messaging their messages, that will be the day everything really changes. And never before has that been possible. Except when it was. But ignore that, because this is the day when everything is going to change. Because Facebook Messenger has gone and got itself some Spotify integration.

It couldn’t be easier, either. Say you’re chatting away with someone on the Facebook Messenger app on your phone, and suddenly you think to yourself, “I would love to share a great song, album or playlist with this person”. All you have to do is click the ‘more’ button in the Messenger app (that’s the one with three dots), then scroll down for ages to find the Spotify button. Then scroll down again when loads of other things in the menu expand and push everything else further down. Then maybe scroll down for third time to finally get there. And press ‘open’.

The Spotify app will then load (assuming you have it on your phone, of course) and present a page asking you to search for something to share, and offer suggestions from music you’ve played recently. Once you’ve found your selection, press it and you’ll be taken back to the Messenger app.

It’ll then ask you if you want to confirm your post and, if you chose to do so, the person you are talking to will receive a picture of the artwork of the track you chose. They will then instinctively tap on the image, which will just open a slightly larger version of it. Once they’ve closed it, they will notice a tiny link at the bottom, which they can then click to open their own Spotify app and immediately play the music you’ve just sent.

It may take considerably longer than it would to just go and get the link yourself and paste it into a message, but this new way has the added bonus of having a picture attached and a link that is much harder to click than if you just sent the URL like you normally would.

Technology is so great. I really feel like I’m in the future.