Factory Floor finalise long player

By | Published on Friday 21 June 2013

Factory Floor

Having initially hinted at it all the way back in July 2012, DFA-signed icons-in-waiting Factory Floor have finally finessed, fixed and finalised their first LP. The logically-titled ‘Factory Floor’ can and shall be released on 9 Sep, and will feature revisions of past FF singles ‘Fall Back’ and ‘Two Different Ways’, and eight new tracks.

The trio’s Nik Colk Void says this via Resident Advisor: “It took a while, well a long time, almost two years. The main reason for this is we decided to keep developing live in tandem with recording. Collaborating with established artists fed more inspiration. Yes the tracks were specifically made for the album, we consciously wanted to make a record that offered an alternative side to our live shows. We chose to discipline the tracks and emulate our own staple sound”.

Self-imitation – that’s deep. Here’s a tracklisting:

Turn It Up
Here Again
Fall Back
How You Say
Two Different Ways
Work Out
Breathe In