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EP Review: Factory Floor – Planning Application EP (One Of One Recordings)

By | Published on Monday 10 November 2008

Factory Floor

Guys, obscure your influences a bit. If I was to start a 80s hardcore style band I wouldn’t call them Dischord Youth. So, Factory Floor… hmmm… take a guess what they sound like. Well A (funkless) Certain Ratio with Bernard Sumner singing over the top pretty much covers it. Tony Wilson’s Situationism would be well and truly offended. To pretentiously quote Chtcheglov: “You’ll never see the hacienda. It doesn’t exist. The hacienda must be built”. They did build it, now it’s been turned into flats – find a new idea. And before anyone mentions the band’s pretensions to 1950/60s atonal compositions that Cage, Reich and Glass explored; it’s completely hackneyed. The Hookyisms in the second two songs’ basslines are quite galling, direct lifts from Warsaw-era Joy Division. Although they sound great with snatches of DNA style guitar, each cliché and lift is a joke. They have stolen the sound of other cities that was rooted in someone else’s experience. PG

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