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Family of Slipknot bassist settle negligence action against his former doctor

By | Published on Wednesday 24 January 2018


The family of late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray have settled a legal dispute with a doctor accused of negligence.

Gray’s wife Brenna sued Dr Daniel Baldi over her husband’s 2010 death as a result of an accidental drug overdose, claiming that the doctor was negligent in his treatment of the Slipknot man’s addictions. But the lawsuit was dismissed because she had taken too long to go legal.

However, it then transpired that the couple’s daughter, unborn at the time of Gray’s death, could sue Baldi, because there is more flexibility on how quickly litigation needs to be filed when the plaintiff is a minor.

new lawsuit was filed, and it is that legal action – which also named some other health care providers as defendants – that has now been settled. Papers were filed with the courts in Iowa on Monday confirming that a settlement had now been reached. A le