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Fanbase Builder Programme: Meet The Artists

By | Published on Wednesday 8 September 2021

Sasha Samara

CMU’s Pathways Into Music Foundation teamed up with Help Musicians earlier this summer to run a Fanbase Builder Programme in Northern Ireland. Fifteen artists were selected who attended weekly webinars on how to build a business around their music. Each of them are now delivering a fanbase building campaign, benefiting from a bursary from Help Musicians.

As part of the programme, each artist has been encouraged to write a 50 word pitch introducing themselves and their current projects, and we’re featuring those pitches here in the CMU Daily to introduce everyone taking part. Today, Ethan Hollan and Sasha Samara.

Ethan Hollan 
Budding local artist Ethan Hollan brings a fresh face to the Northern Irish music scene. In the past year alone Hollan has been making his mark, with mentions in magazines and studio sessions, building momentum to release his debut single. Hollan has a promising future in music on the horizon, nurturing his passion for creating and bringing a perfect blend of soulful indie and energising pop. Check out more here.

Sasha Samara (pictured) 
Sasha Samara brings a fresh vision of indie pop that is honest and insightful. After launching her debut ‘Broken Vessel’ in late 2019, her vulnerable approach to songwriting has endeared her to local audiences. In November 2020, she was awarded the New Contender Award at the NI Music Prize. Check out more here.